четверг, 13 марта 2014 г.

Graphic 45 Design Team 2014 Audition

This post is very exciting for me. So exciting, that I even feel cheels running over my skin... :) Yes, I've finally decided to try and to send application for Graphic45 Design Team Audition. The main reason is my true faith in words: "Doors open only to those who are knocking".
I think all followers of my blog know about my passion and love to this paper. I don't remember a Graphic's collection that ran through my hands. I caught them all. Moreover I've used all my collection to the last piece of paper. I can't explain it even for myself, but these papers gift me great inspiration and new ideas. Each collection with its own soul. And you can feel that soul, if you try to apply the papers in action.
Here is the list of my favourite works with the use of Graphic45 papers and materials:
1. Altered Art Project "Memories Bridge" is one of my last projects. It was inspired by "Sweet Sentiments" collection.

2. Mini-Album "My Fruit and Berry Summer" is inspired by "Bohemian Bazaar" collection.

Here is the link for more details.
3. Mini-album "In a Fairy Tale" was created on the Graphic 45 tags as the basis.

Here is the link for more details.
4. Album "The Gift for Alice" was created on the basis of "Le Cirque" collection of Graphic45. The plot of the album was built on the basis of Lewis Caroll novels ("Alice in Wonderland") with the use of his quotes and pictures.

Here is the link for more details.
5. Tags based Projects.

6. Some of my "Graphic 45 Cards":

7. And at least couple of photos of the Album based on one of my favourite Graphic 45 collections "French Country":

Here is the link for more details.
Thank you so much for your attention and for the chance to become a part of the Magic. :)

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    1. Нюточка, спасибо! Удача мне точно понадобится! :)

  2. Катя,сколько красивых работ! Удачи тебе!

  3. Катя, невероятно волшебно! От мостика в розах я просто пришла в восторг - потрясающий!!! Желаю удачи!

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  5. Катюша скрестила за тебя пальчики!

  6. Kateryna, beautiful projects. You have such a wonderful way with Graphic 45 products, and fun new ways to use the product. Thank you for auditioning for the DT Call. Happy Papercrafting! -Charee